(PUBLIC NOTICE) Sales & Marketing Directives to all direct sellers / marketers of the company

Ref : RWPL/S&M/001/dated 15 January 2019

Dear All Renovians,

It has been brought into our notice by Our Legal Counsel that some of the direct sellers / marketers of the company have promoted their business using name of Renatus Wellness (P) Ltd, but using improper LOGO and marketing tools that are not related to the company in their personal capacity. The information is factually incorrect and illegal. Renatus Wellness Pvt Ltd is an independent entity. The information is misrepresenting the facts to the user of such web contents and is tantamount to infringing the rights of use of our name, trademarks and copy right without our permission.

We at Renatus WellnessTM are concerned about the misspelling of Renatus WellnessTM Products and various unauthorised business representations being made by few of our direct sellers, referred as Distributors / Independent representative.

In our constant endeavour to limit such unwarranted misselling, we ensure that our policies & procedures and code of ethics are made available to everyone prior to conclusion of each sale.

Based on above factual details, management has agreed and approved with the following directives to be followed by direct sellers / marketers for promoting their business:

  • Kindly remove immediately all such YouTube videos uploaded using other names, copyright, trademarks and web contents if any and refrain from using such names illegally at your personal capacity while dealing with our products or otherwise.
  • Remove all the web contents in any websites used by direct sellers/marketers such names for representing facts on products, logo, trademarks or copyright of other companies.
  • No direct seller / marketer should upload any web contents in social networking media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube etc. about the company, management, products, logos of the company at their personal capacity, without written approval of such contents from the company.
  • Direct sellers / marketers must use company logo and marketing materials of the products shared with them by the company for promoting their business.
  • Product details and marketing materials should be obtained from the company from time to time and such approved contents only can be used in social networking media for promoting the business.
  • In case company has come across any cases either suo motto or through third party that any direct seller / marketer is using any other logo, name of third party not associated with the company or misrepresenting the facts on the products or otherwise which are not approved by the company, for increasing their business in any manner, management shall immediately discontinue business with such direct seller / marketers without giving any notice and take legal action against such direct seller / Marketers.

Write in to grievancecell@renatuswellness.net

We assure you of our full support!

By and order of the management of the company